About SIA


To promote healthy growth and development of industries and to encourage camaraderie among the industrial community particularly of Sarigam, and thereby strengthening mutual co-operation among those engaged in industry, trade and commerce. To adopt common policies and collectively taking such steps as may be deemed necessary for further safeguarding the interests of the Industries in Sarigam Industrial Area.

SIA cater to several activities which includes redressal of grievances faced by member industries, infra-structural development of estate through member's participation, providing guidelines to small scale industries to fulfill various legal requirements, green-belt development, activities related to environmental preservation and pollution control, disaster prevention and management, creating awareness among surrounding population about various issues, etc.

For furtherance of the aims and objects of the Association organize meetings, programmes, lectures, Seminars & socio economic functions . To facilitate the development of new industries and the extension and expansion of existing ones as well as to promote and sponsor Industrial Township and take such other actions as may deem fit in furtherance of these objects.